We are in desperate need of a national awakening to address our collective wound

There is a sickness. It’s deep and it’s dark and it’s sick and it’s evil and wrong. Evil is drifting around in the ether of America. We are possessed.  

We’ve got our ghosts, they’re named slavery and Jim Crow and Vietnam. They were strung up at whipping posts and sent to fight wars overseas. They grew up in gutters and slums, got chased down dirt roads, were tortured and lynched and set on fire, and locked up and put in chain gangs. Evil men kept them in line. They died gruesome deaths and we wonder why they now possess generations, perhaps seeking revenge on the nation that birthed and then killed them. 

It’s an interesting theory at least, that the ghosts of dead veterans and slaves might be seeking revenge by grasping the souls of our children and making them kill. Who the fuck actually knows?  Nothing surprises me anymore. 

And the soon-to-be-dead are now roaming the streets, living in cities made of cardboard and tents, and screaming at demons that nobody sees, speaking in sickening tongues. Who might they come back to haunt?  

It’s a malady. The country is spiritually sick. And we need a collective solution.  Sure, you could take all the guns, and stick on the band-aid, but the “dis-ease” runs too deep. It was born on the slave ships and when all the natives got killed. It traveled down the Mississippi and settled itself in big cities where whites didn’t go. It’s everywhere. 

What are massacres a symptom of?  If the guns were removed, where would that energy go? What would become of the hate?  Would it devour itself?  


A talk about the miraculous healing power of Vitamin C and the emerging unlikely alliances between conservatives and trans – influences, among other things

It’s been a long while since I created a podcast episode. I guess they call it “pod-fade” in the business. Still, I had a miraculous vitamin C story I wanted to share, along with some thoughts on the unfolding phenomenon in the world, particularly the emerging alliances between certain conservatives and members of the gay and trans community. It seems like there is a quiet-but- -not-silent rebellion taking place in service of the children and the truth.  Have a listen.  #magicpiscespodcast