We are in desperate need of a national awakening to address our collective wound

There is a sickness. It’s deep and it’s dark and it’s sick and it’s evil and wrong. Evil is drifting around in the ether of America. We are possessed.  

We’ve got our ghosts, they’re named slavery and Jim Crow and Vietnam. They were strung up at whipping posts and sent to fight wars overseas. They grew up in gutters and slums, got chased down dirt roads, were tortured and lynched and set on fire, and locked up and put in chain gangs. Evil men kept them in line. They died gruesome deaths and we wonder why they now possess generations, perhaps seeking revenge on the nation that birthed and then killed them. 

It’s an interesting theory at least, that the ghosts of dead veterans and slaves might be seeking revenge by grasping the souls of our children and making them kill. Who the fuck actually knows?  Nothing surprises me anymore. 

And the soon-to-be-dead are now roaming the streets, living in cities made of cardboard and tents, and screaming at demons that nobody sees, speaking in sickening tongues. Who might they come back to haunt?  

It’s a malady. The country is spiritually sick. And we need a collective solution.  Sure, you could take all the guns, and stick on the band-aid, but the “dis-ease” runs too deep. It was born on the slave ships and when all the natives got killed. It traveled down the Mississippi and settled itself in big cities where whites didn’t go. It’s everywhere. 

What are massacres a symptom of?  If the guns were removed, where would that energy go? What would become of the hate?  Would it devour itself?  


A talk about the miraculous healing power of Vitamin C and the emerging unlikely alliances between conservatives and trans – influences, among other things

It’s been a long while since I created a podcast episode. I guess they call it “pod-fade” in the business. Still, I had a miraculous vitamin C story I wanted to share, along with some thoughts on the unfolding phenomenon in the world, particularly the emerging alliances between certain conservatives and members of the gay and trans community. It seems like there is a quiet-but- -not-silent rebellion taking place in service of the children and the truth.  Have a listen.  #magicpiscespodcast

A bit on long COVID, the Trudeau situation in Canada, what the backlash against wokianism mighta look like, and a bit on the hilarity of Canadian Parliament

What is happening with Justin Trudeau?!  He’s seems like a super-villain disguised as a yoga teacher to me. Will the truckers win?  We shall see. Also, the school board in San Francisco has been ousted as the result of going too far with the radicalization of curriculum.  Where might this lead us as more and more are drifting away from the left?

They say to “trust the science,” so I am! Also, a bit on Rogan, truckers, and dropping acid as a teenager. Enjoy!

They say to trust the science, so I have been exploring things through a purely scientific lens and discovering that there are vast amounts of information available in published scientific papers and in medical journals.  You are welcome to do your own actual research and refute and of the findings I have discussed.

Also, are the truckers in Canada leading an actual revolution?  Listen, watch the Brand video, and come to your own conclusions!




Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes and microRNAs.



Meeting Mr. Miyagi while Joe Rogan is dropping the n-word

I met the Mr. Miyagi of acupuncture yesterday and was back in the water today.  Go figure.

Joe Rogan is being accused of passing misinformation onto his listeners, but what about Rachel Maddow and the folks over at CNN?  This entire pandemic, it seems, has been about misinformation. Is Rogan sorry? I believe that he is. Will he be forgiven?  Probably not.



A bit on Rogan, my personal experience of COVID not being a cold, and my commitment to be more responsible for the way that I deliver information

I am looking to go a little more pro with the Magic Pisces Podcast in service of moving into 2022 from a place of unity, truth, and love.  Please see the links below, investigate on your own, and come to the conclusion that you do as the result of doing your own research. I am not claiming for this podcast ever to be the ultimate truth.  There are hours of videos to sort through here.


I got COVID! Now it’s a bit of long COVID. Here’s what it has been like.

COVID, even Omicron, is not a joke. I got it. I own that I got it. I own that I got it after I repeatedly talked about vitamin C, Zinc, and Chaga, and their benefits for immunity. It was GNARLY, but ultimately a spiritual gift. I let it take me to where it did, knowing that all was perfect and how it was meant to be, that spirit had, in fact, created it for me as a device to ultimately teach me about rest, surrender, and the healing of inner-child woundedness.  Enjoy!