Magic Pisces Episode One

In 2017 I came off of a very serious hot streak in business to find myself faced with one of the deepest and darkest depressions I have ever encountered.  I was making good money coaching and had moved to Southern California several months prior, at the end of 2016, in a successful attempt to begin surfing the rest of my life away. I managed a “spirit medicine” recovery home for the first few months, a bizarre and fascinating encounter.  However, by the Spring of 2017, after the most profitable months I had ever had as a coach, I encountered the darkest night I have ever lived through (besides my experience with addiction) and it challenged me to reinvent my relationship with my God, my recovery, and all of my creative pursuits.  I created my first podcast, Addiction and Redemption, in the midst of the turmoil because I didn’t feel like I had anything better to do with myself other than tell my story. I also embraced Kundalini Yoga for a while, becoming a Kundalini Teacher in 2019. This culminated in a deeper and murkier unfolding of the experience in which I, towards the very end and on the brink of suicide,  grabbed my copy of A Course in Miracles and went to the desert near Joshua Tree to beg for the pain to end. It did and I was reborn again circa July 2019. Soon thereafter, Magic Pisces popped into my head in a conversation I was having with a friend and the new brand was born.  


The new podcast is focused on the experiences we as human beings often find ourselves wrapped in.  There will be plenty of monologuing and also plenty of interviews. I look forward to sharing them with you all.