A tribute episode to Eddie Van Halen, plus a talk on genius, quantum physics, miracles, my romantic life, and possibilities. Enjoy!

How do you express your genius?  What is the deepest, richest, and fullest expression of what it means to me you that is seeking manifestation in this three-dimensional reality?  Eddie Van Halen was in fact a true musical genius and he is gone as the year 2020 trudges on.  The music of Van Halen was of divine origin, plain and simple, a  Sistine Chapel for the 20th and 21st centuries if you will.  In this episode, I also discuss molester priests and the juxtaposition of their abominable acts with the beauty of the Catholic architecture in Chicago, which is also of God.  Also, a few shout-outs to Zinove, Jimmy D, a teacher and warrior on the South Side of Chicago, and Peter B, who thinks Vai is better than Eddie.  Enjoy!